Picture of a Tesla Electric Vehicle

Make it a Great Repair

With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, it is getting more important to find a reliable repair shop. This can prove challenging, as many mechanics cannot or will not work on electric vehicles (EV). This leaves the consumer in somewhat of a bind; as the only places to get their EV fixed is at an expensive repair shop.

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair hopes to serve people from all over the United States and Canada by offering them an alternative choice for getting their EV fixed. Our competitive advantage is economy; we strive to do things under budget compared to the "big guys."

Picture of a Tesla Electric Vehicle

Ship your Damaged Component to Us!

We have a central facility, located in New Hampton, Iowa, that handles a lot of automotive industry functions. One of these functions is EV repair. We have been in the vehicle business for over 40 years; and have the experience and know-how to handle all types of EV problems.

We know we can’t move our business to you, so we do the next best thing: allow you to ship your damaged part to us. This allows us to get a shipment directly from you, or the mechanic you choose to remove the part, and work on it here in our shop. Once we receive your part, our technicians will make a thorough investigation, and get it fixed fast, and right.

Once the repair is complete, will will ship your repaired part back to the address you specify. Once installed, your EV should be back on the road; and, ready for action.

Picture of a Tesla Electric Vehicle

Customer Service: a Top Priority

If you’ve been in business as long as us, you know that taking care of your customers is a pillar which holds your success up. The success we’ve experienced is due in a large way to the way we handle people.

We want to extend our great support and help to you; and, make it a priority to answer your questions and help you decide on the right course of action for your EV repair job. No job is unimportant, and we want to be there to help you get a courteous, prompt, and economical repair.

Feel free to contact us today! We want to be the business you trust when you need a quality EV mechanic. We will be glad to explain the process and help you through the process of getting your car back on the road.

Get a Free Consultation

At Precision Electric Vehicle Repair, we know cars. So how does this help you? We are here to help you diagnose your problem, and guide you through the repair process. We will do this at no charge to you. We want you to know that your electric vehicle repair will be done with professionalism, and care. To help prove this to our customers, we want the help and support to be the same way. We are here to serve you!

Our services are available for the entire continental United States. We will ship your broken component to our facility (located in NE Iowa), and there begin the repair process. In addition to thoroughly investigating your broken vehicle component, we will reach out to you with any new findings that might alter cost. Once you have approved of the repairs, we will perform them and ship the item back to you. Let us handle it all!

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