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Precision Electric Vehicle Repair is ready to help replace or repair your Tesla battery pack. We have the infrastructure and equipment for any EV battery job you might need. Contact us today!

Tesla Battery Repair / Replacement

If you are experiencing problems with your Tesla battery, we can fix it.

Why to Trust a Professional

A Tesla battery pack replacement cost (parts + labor) can cost as much as some new combustion engine vehicles. Tesla batteries are sophisticated; and contain thousands of lithium ion cells. These cells are all grouped in "modules," and in the Tesla roadster, they refer to them as sheets. Generally, Tesla battery packs will contain 14 or 16 modules--each module containing lithium ion cells. If just one lithium ion cell goes bad in a battery pack; the entire battery can become disabled.

Because repairing a Tesla battery pack takes understanding and specialized equipment, not just any automotive shop is up to the task. That is why you need to trust an expert. In the aforementioned scenario, just one lithium ion cell was stated to cause battery failure. In such instances, repairing may be a far more economical alternative than buying and installing a brand new battery!

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair specializes in Tesla battery repair; and, we can even handle replacements if the situation is too severe. With over 40 years in the automotive industry, we have the experience and understanding required to properly judge each situation; and, give you the best option for your battery repair.

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At Precision Electric Vehicle Repair, we know cars. So how does this help you? We are here to help you diagnose your problem, and guide you through the repair process. We will do this at no charge to you. We want you to know that your electric vehicle repair will be done with professionalism, and care. To help prove this to our customers, we want the help and support to be the same way. We are here to serve you!

Our services are available for the entire continental United States. We will ship your broken component to our facility (located in NE Iowa), and there begin the repair process. In addition to thoroughly investigating your broken vehicle component, we will reach out to you with any new findings that might alter cost. Once you have approved of the repairs, we will perform them and ship the item back to you. Let us handle it all!

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