Why Choose Precision Electric Vehicle Repair

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair Headquarters in New Hampton, Iowa, USA

Experience you can Trust

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair is a trusted electric vehicle repair company in New Hampton, IA. We are family owned and operated. We have extensive experience with all makes and models of vehicles—including electric. Although we work with cars of all types, Precision Electric Vehicle Repair differentiates itself by being fully devoted to electric vehicles. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

We work with customers from around the world by fixing their car, transmission, and providing quality auto parts. We also have sophisticated CNC machines and infrastructure that allows us to handle any EV repair that you may need. We also have excessive experience with drivetrains and drive units. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, we will diagnose and fix it!

Again, we’ve been doing this a long time; and have maintained our strong customer base for years. When you work with us, you know you have a company with a proven track record behind you!

You won’t be in business long if the customer’s concern is not met; and, we don’t want to let you down. Once you send in your damaged EV component to us, we take full responsibility for getting it fixed right; and, fixed fast.

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair staff

Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service

We are here to provide you with exceptional service in addition to exceptional repair. We want our customer support to exceed your expectations; and, make you feel like your repair is just as important to us as it is to you. We hope to go the extra mile to accommodate your schedule preferences—we are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair staff

Quality Service

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair stands behind our repairs. If we decide to take on your repair, we will ensure that it gets fixed right. We are experts in our craft, and we can ensure that a EV component gets fixed or replaced in a timely fashion. If there is any problem with your repair, we will make it right.

We don’t anticipate mistakes, but it is reassuring to know that you cannot lose when you choose Precision Electric Vehicle Repair. Our commitment is to you, and making sure we are the only step you need to take to get a fast and complete EV repair.

Precision Electric Vehicle Repair staff

Great Prices

Often, EV repair can carry a tremendous cost. We endeavor to make our work affordable, and consistently competitive in cost. Before you make a final decision about who will repair your EV; make sure you get a free quote from us too! We pride ourselves on our ability to make our service economical--in addition to making our service exceptional!

Get a Free Consultation

At Precision Electric Vehicle Repair, we know cars. So how does this help you? We are here to help you diagnose your problem, and guide you through the repair process. We will do this at no charge to you. We want you to know that your electric vehicle repair will be done with professionalism, and care. To help prove this to our customers, we want the help and support to be the same way. We are here to serve you!

Our services are available for the entire continental United States. We will ship your broken component to our facility (located in NE Iowa), and there begin the repair process. In addition to thoroughly investigating your broken vehicle component, we will reach out to you with any new findings that might alter cost. Once you have approved of the repairs, we will perform them and ship the item back to you. Let us handle it all!

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